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cvln Cardiovascular Learning Network (CVLN) provides CME/CE for the full scope of cardiovascular professionals—clinical and interventional cardiologists, EPs and other cardiac rhythm specialists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, nurses, and technicians—through a variety of live and on-demand educational initiatives. Cardiovascular Learning Network has conducted 150+ multidisciplinary CME/CE interventions for cardiovascular professionals during the past 3 years alone, including conferences, satellite symposia, workshops, monographs, and a broad array of multi-media programming. With the development of , your trusted source for cardiovascular CME/CE programming is now a digital resource for all of your cardiovascular education needs—live cases, daily news, conference updates, social networking with your peers, an expanded “my-account” feature to track your CME/CE progress, live event registration, and more.

core In 2007, the Coalition of Rheumatology Educators (CORE) first brought together the nation's leading faculty to educate practicing rheumatologists and related healthcare practitioners on up-to-date, evidence-based approaches for early diagnosis, management, and ongoing clinical assessment of rheumatic diseases in pursuit of remission. Today, the Coalition of Rheumatology Educators has established itself as the CME/CE leader in regional workshops for rheumatology specialists. With the launch of the Coalition of Rheumatology Educators Web Resource Center (), this initiative has built on its flagship workshop platform to define itself as the preferred digital education destination for rheumatology specialists. The Coalition of Rheumatology Educators’ use of newer technologies, including the Web Resource Center and the soon-to-be-launched iPhone application, and the adoption of these tools by the opt-in database of 2000+ rheumatology specialists, better connects learners to educational objectives and outcomes, faculty, and each other.

consultantcme Primary care clinicians have unique educational needs that span therapeutic areas and practice issues specific to the primary care setting. Building on the 50-year tradition of Consultant, Consultant CME ensures evidence-based accredited education immediately applicable to the primary care environment. Consultant CME offers accredited programming in a multitude of educational formats—online programming at /consultantcme , regional meetings, and national meetings—to ensure educational opportunities for every primary care clinician's schedule, as well as utilization of the most beneficial educational platforms. Consultant CME launched the Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit in 2012, the only annual multiday, national conference designed to assist primary care professionals in combating the growing epidemic of cardiometabolic risk. Consultant CME is also partnering with Psych Congress Network on the regional series Integrating Mental Health in Primary Care, a one-day regional conference series focused solely on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various mental health concerns in the primary care setting.

mcln Managed care decision makers are uniquely positioned to positively affect patient care by providing patient-centric access to traditional and newer medical therapies through formulary design and review; assisting physicians and other healthcare practitioners in implementing treatment protocols based on up-to-date guidelines and evidence; and providing clinicians with tools to support the delivery of consistent, high-quality treatment, follow-up, and patient education. Managed Care Learning Network (MCLN) is the established source for managed care-targeted CME/CE programming, evidenced by the opt-in database of 50,000+ managed care learners who have participated in 1 or more of the 150+ CME/CE initiatives developed by Managed Care Learning Network since its 2002 inception. Building on its flagship Tele-Web Conference platform, the new website provides you with managed care-focused daily news, conference updates, social networking with your peers, an expanded “my-account” feature to track your CME/CE progress, live event registration, and more.

pln Contemporary pharmacy practice reflects an evolving paradigm from one in which pharmacists primarily supervise medication distribution to a more expanded clinical role in which you provide patient-centered medication therapy management, health improvement, quality care, and disease prevention services. The Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners’ envision a further expanded role in their Future Vision for Pharmacy Practice 2015, with pharmacists being the healthcare professionals primarily responsible for providing patient care that ensures optimal medication therapy outcomes. As the defined leader in live, local, learning for health-system pharmacists, Pharmacy Learning Network (PLN) is committed to assisting in the evolution of pharmacy practice by offering current, quality, learner-driven education. The newly expanded website has built on Pharmacy Learning Network’s flagship full-day conference series with live and archived webcasts, virtual pharmacy practice case vignettes, social networking with your peers, an expanded “my-account” feature to track your CME/CE progress, live event registration, and more.

Psych Congress Network is an all-inclusive, year-round, multichannel resource for psychiatric professionals who want to know how the latest research in the ever-changing medical field will benefit their practice. Clinicians gain more tools for understanding and treating the patients they see every day. The Psych Congress Network website at highlights the latest in psychiatric news, breakthroughs in clinical research, and unique editorial perspectives from today's leading experts in psychiatry, providing clinicians tools to use in their practice on a daily basis. The Psych Congress Network E-newsletter is the most convenient way for busy clinicians to catch up on top stories in the field, with news roundups and psychiatry feature articles delivered directly to their inbox. Psych Congress Network is also the online home of the U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress, which for more than 25 years has provided an annual opportunity for psychiatric professionals to attend practice-enhancing lectures, while sharing ideas with science-minded clinicians, learning from renowned faculty from the nation's leading institutions, and obtaining 30+ CME/CE credits.

sawc During the past 25 years, The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) has established itself as the premier name in wound care CME/CE symposia, with The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring meeting providing a unique platform for the largest annual gathering of the interdisciplinary wound care community to network, learn, and collaborate toward the common goal of improving patient care by decreasing the number and severity of chronic wounds. With the 2009 addition of the fall event, The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care now provides face-to-face education for 3000+ multidisciplinary wound care practitioners annually. To fill a remaining gap in quality, learner-driven digital wound care education and information, The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care has launched the new website, meaning your trusted source for wound care CME/CE symposia is now a digital resource for all of your wound care education needs—daily news, conference updates, social networking with your peers, an expanded “my-account” feature to track your CME/CE progress, live event registration, and more.