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Women's Sunglasses
Statement-Making Women’s Sunglasses
You’re not yourself without your shades. Make sure you always have a pair that speaks to your personality, lifestyle and general sense of style with the help of Vint & York. It’s our goal to outfit every kind of shade shopper with a pair that feels bespoke, no matter if you err on the retro, modern, minimalist, geeky or futuristic side. With exclusive frame designs, cutting-edge optics — including premium prescription lenses with UV coatings to protect your eyes — and free shipping and returns, Vint & York will surely become your new go-to sunglasses supplier. Our trendy, vintage-inspired sunglasses come in a huge assortment for every wearer, budget and occasion. Best-sellers include statement-making, oversized sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses and aviators. Select a style with a funky or classic silhouette, a unique pattern or a cool finish to top off your many looks. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to emulate the vibes of a larger-than-life icon or if you’re simply eyeing a pair you can sport on the daily, we’re sure you’ll find something for the job at Vint & York.

Designer Rx Sunglasses for All Personalities

Our shades aren’t skin deep. The Vint & York team works tirelessly to ensure that each pair of exclusively designed sunglasses not only looks good but persists for the long-run. With premium-quality lenses, durable frame materials and unbeatable optic quality, your new pair will quickly become a regular in the rotation. Whether you’re going for a hint of chic or an overdose of over-the-top style, you’ll discover a gorgeous new pair here that’s completely and totally you. Explore all of our modern and retro women’s sunglasses to suit your special vision.
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68 items

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    As low as $169.00
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    As low as $169.00
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    As low as $299.00
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    As low as $299.00
  12. MAUI
    As low as $299.00
    As low as $299.00