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The fundamentals of cleaning technology

Sinner's circle

The Sinner‘s circle illustrates the interplay between the four main factors for successful cleaning:

  • Chemistry (choice of cleaning agent)
  • Mechanical (removal of soil via pressure or friction)
  • Temperature (at which cleaning is performed)
  • Time (duration of the total cleaning processes
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Sinner's circle TO THE LEFT: Sinner‘s circle with equal proportions of the temperature, time, chemistry and mechanical factors. TO THE RIGHT: Lechler nozzles and rotating cleaning nozzles have high mechanical cleaning efficiency. This reduces the proportion of the other factors, as well as the resulting costs.

The proportion of the individual factors as a part of the entire cleaning process can be varied, provided that the total is 100%. This results in significant savings potential.

As a result, the intensity of mechanical cleaning enables the consumption of cleaning agents or the duration of cleaning to be reduced. Consequently, the mechanical factor that takes up a greater part of the Sinner‘s circle, while the other factors can end up being reduced.

Cost reduction by efficient cleaning processes

This is precisely where our rotational cleaning nozzles come into play, because they have been specially developed for delivering a high mechanical cleaning action. Their greater efficiency helps to permanently reduce on increasing costs for energy and cleaning agents, and also the duration of cleaning. Consequently an one-off investment in improved nozzle technology pays for itself after only a short time.

Useful information for optimized cleaning processes

Designs and operating principles

Static, free-spinning, controlled rotation or gear-controlled?

Designs and operating principles

Cleaning efficiency classes

Five classes for an easy nozzle selection

Cleaning efficiency classes

Tank cleaning nozzle products

Innovative concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design, many sizes/materials for Tank and Equipment Cleaning

Tank and Equipment Cleaning Products


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