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Simple vacuum generator

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Vacuum Generator VB RoHS Compliant


■VB type specification

Fluid medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.15~0.7MPa
Rated supply pressure 0.5MPa (H, L type), 0.35MPa (E type)
Operating temp. range 0~60ºC (No freezing)

■Mechanical vacuum switch specification

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Pressure detection Diaphragm to microswitch
Fluid medium Air
Operating temp. range 0~60ºC (No freezing)
Microswitch rating 3A 250V
Pressure setting range -20~ -66kPa
Accuracy +/- 5 kPa
Differential response 22 kPa or less
Pre-setting pressure -50kPa
Lead wire Length about 300mm,
White:COMMON, Red:N.C, Black :N.O.

Applicable size

■Tube diameter

MM size (mm) ø4, ø6
Inch size ø5/32, ø1/4

■Nozzle size

Nozzle diameter (mm) ø0.5, ø0.7, ø1.0, ø1.2
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  • Degital catalog
  • CAD data


Mechanical type vacuum switch mount type is also available.

  • It is an essential item to convey materials.The Vacuum Generator, creating vacuum by use of compressed air, can be used in combination with a Vacuum Pad to convey materials.

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